Created in the shape of a mansion with stone materials around a courtyard or a closed hall in Cappadocia, which is situated in Anatolia’s significant historical, cultural, and commercial hub.The Mira Cappadocia Hotel, which we converted into a hotel by fusing old and new architecture, is notable for its distinctive style and high arch ceiling. A Greek family lived in the mansion from the 1890s until the 1924s, and the area’s residents later used it. It began operating as a 12-room boutique hotel in 2016 after being restored to its original shape. We choose the owl as a symbol at our hotel because we think it will bring success and luck to our visitors and family, much as it did in ancient Turkish societies.


You will discover that Cappadocia is more than just fairy chimneys, underground cities, and boundless valleys when you visit, and that is all that will stay in your head and fill your thoughts. You will observe that Avanos pottery brings to life the inhabitants of this region’s inventiveness, which appears dignified with the wisdom of the past and was truly passed down from their ancestors. You will reflect your own creativity on a pot with an unforgettable experience, perhaps even by taking the wheel.